• Hiking through the habitat of wild chimpanzees
  • Tracking the endemic Sitatunga antelope
  • Walking safaris, game drives and boat trips viewing the lush forest and extensive variety of wildlife
  • Boat trips to nearby Croc and Bird Island to sight many of over 200 endemic and migratory species
  • Viewing the largest population of fish eagles in Africa
  • Game fishing the legendary Nile perch (The largest fish ever caught on the island weighed 105kg!)
  • Exploring the wetlands by canoe
  • Dhow sailing on a traditional dhow

Speciality Aspects

  • University groups
  • Birding over 200 endemic and migratory species (December to February for migratory birds)
    Download the Rubondo Island National Park birdlist here >
  • Sitatunga antelope
  • Wildflowers – particularly wild orchids (November to March)
  • Butterflies (November to March)
  • Otters
  • Frogs


To enhance your experience our camp has an extensive library for you to choose from including these subjects:

  • Butterflies of Africa
  • Insects of Africa
  • Birds of East Africa, Rwanda and Burundi
  • Birds of Uganda
  • Birds of Africa
  • Mammals of Africa
  • Chimp books
  • Trees and Shrubs of Southern Africa
  • Cichlids book
  • Amphibians of East Africa
  • Reptiles of East Africa

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